"We be buildin"

Our team's journey began unexpectedly at a hackathon, where a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for changing the world came together. Fueled by our collective desire to make a difference, we are driven to create groundbreaking projects that will serve as the driving force behind the future of the web3 space.

While the web3 and blockchain industry is still relatively young, we firmly believe in its immense potential for growth and transformation. Reflecting on history, it is fascinating to consider that just a century ago, the idea of horse-keeping as a thriving business seemed unassailable. Yet today, cars have become an integral part of our lives, altering our perception of transportation completely. Similarly, we view the current state of blockchain technology as analogous to the early days of automobiles—a revolutionary concept with unlimited possibilities.

In this era of unprecedented technological advancement, the potential of blockchain is truly awe-inspiring, defying conventional bounds of what was previously deemed possible. As the 2BeBuilt team, we aspire to be an integral part of shaping this remarkable web3 future. Our mission is not only to contribute to its evolution but also to create a future that is as beautiful as it is groundbreaking.


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Andrey Gruzdev

Fullstack Developer

I am committed to immersing myself in the web3 space to make it a better place for the end-user. By working on projects that create a more decentralized and equitable internet, I strive to contribute to a better world. With my skills, experience, and drive to make a difference, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to any team or project.

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Alexey Zenin

Solidity Developer

Rocket scientist mutated into a sophisticated web3 degen buildr. Now only motto is: "Build it fast, build it right, keep me building. Blockchain solutions tinkerer, solidity padawan."


NEP-330: Source Metadata-logo

NEP-330: Source Metadata

The contract source metadata represents a standardized interface designed to facilitate the auditing and inspection of source code associated with a deployed smart contract. Adoption of this standard remains discretionary; however, it is strongly advocated for developers who maintain an open-source approach to their contracts. This initiative promotes greater accountability and transparency within the ecosystem, encouraging best practices in contract development and deployment.



buildr.build is the directory for everyone passionate about web3. Treat it as accessible to everyone personal advertising platform where you can promote yourself or others, share contact info, and find necessary contacts of other builders.



SourceScan is a platform for the NEAR blockchain, enhancing smart contract source code verification, viewing, and deployment. It focuses on WebAssembly (WASM) challenges, improving contract interoperability, security, and transparency. It aims to support NEAR's ecosystem by simplifying smart contract development, ensuring security, and boosting user adoption.



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Enode is an universal encryption node for IPFS that can be used for securing private data on any public blockchain. Enode v1.1 is an improved version of original Enode that was created during ETHGlobal 2023 Scaling Ethereum. This version became more secure by using sign in with ethereum to ensure that data will not be exposed to the third party. Also, supports both encryption of files and json data.



Universal health record system that allows patients to store their medical data in a secure and private way. Patients can share their data with doctors and other healthcare providers, and can also choose to monetize their data by sharing it with researchers. Based on Enode v1.1.

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Warp Drive

Embark on a thrilling, cross-chain odyssey that pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming and showcases the might of the Axelar Network! Prepare to wage war across four distinct blockchains, engaging in relentless combat for power and control in a game that is equal parts immersive, secure, and exhilarating. In this epochal struggle, only one chain shall reign supreme.



TimePact allows users to create secure time capsules containing specific data, with an expiration date, that can be unlocked using special NFTs. These NFTs can be easily transferred between accounts and bridged to other blockchains. TimePact was originally created at ETHGlobal 2023 Scaling Ethereum and uses the first version of Enode as a security layer.


ETHGlobal Paris 2023-logo

ETHGlobal Paris 2023

July 21 – 23, 2023




"🥈 Best Frontend built with BOS"

Harvard Blockchain x EasyA Hackathon-logo

Harvard Blockchain x EasyA Hackathon

31 March - 2 April 2023

Warp Drive



"🥇 1st Place"

ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum 2023-logo

ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum 2023

10 - 31 March 2023




"Best Primitives or Infra"



"Just Deploy!"